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2016 10-17

Cost of Hair Transplant in Dubai


Cost of hair transplant in Dubai is not fixed and takes many factors into account.

Every Patient is different

You must remember that the cost of hair transplant varies from patient to patient.

The cost of hair transplant is not the same for every technique used

The method used e.g FUE or Fut can also affect the price of fue hair transplant.

The expertise/skills of the hair transplant surgeon

You would always want to find a surgeon who has five star rating. Go through their reviews online. Google reviews also give a good indication of the success rate of the surgeons. Highly experienced surgeons would charge a higher fees for the quality of results they produce.

Average cost of hair transplant in Dubai

The approximate cost of FUE hair transplant could be somewhere in the range of AED 9 and AED 60 per graft. However, if you wish to go for FUT hair transplant, the cost would be much lower.


clinics often offer large discounts if you are getting a high number of grafts. The number of grafts and the price is discussed during the initial consultation. Most clinics keep the consultation absolutely FREE. So you can try different clinics before you

Number of grafts to be transplanted

The larger the number of grafts the higher would be the cost. It depends on the required density of hair. The area of the scalp that needs to be covered, patient’s personal preference and the chosenĀ  hairline design.

Donor hair characteristics

The other factors contributing the cost of hair transplant could be the volume of your hair, texture. You would be surprised to know that the color of your hair also matters,so does the type i.e. whether your hair is curly or straight.


Here is a number of award winning clinics well known for hair transplant in dubai


Types of Hair Transplant


It is true that originally, hair transplant was likely the most flawed, and dishonest procedures in the history of aesthetic dermatology. Punch grafting and Strip Harvesting had been the traditionally performed techniques. Unplanned incision along with excision techniques Use of big hunks of hair grafts than is natural No utilization of vasoconstriction Performed under general anesthesia causing post op nausea along with adding to the injury. The comprehension of follicular graft has everything shifted about the techniques of harvesting donor hair, hair graft dissection as well as the utilization of anaesthesia. The thoughts of the former techniques of strip excision along with clout grafting also have stayed, but the former techniques are old.

Follicular Grafting- Naturally, hair grows in groups of 2-5hairs called follicular units. The units are recognized after microscopic screening, and are expressed accordingly instead harvesting of arbitrary hair plugs. The unique processes Follicular Unit Transplant along with Follicular Unit Extraction are developed to make the graft dissection minimally invasive. Follicular Unit Transplant – is derived from the strip procedure, however in a less intrusive way. Rather than a multiple bladed incision, one bladed scalpel is employed to take off the donor strip of skin. If more donor hair is needed, then another strip can be made only below or above the former wound, by growing the peak of the total wound, as opposed to create two rows.

This is procedure is fantastic for patients which have a big area of baldness to cover, and also have a very good density of donor hair along with a versatile scalp skin laxity. The donor closure technique like the trichophytic closure, provides least scarring possibilities. And also the utilization of stainless steel staples or dissolvable sutures rather than regular sutures adds to it. Follicular Unit Extraction – This appears much like the old punch technique engagement, but therefore less invasive that it barely resembles. Tiny micro punches are utilized to pick our personal hair follicular units comprising 1-5 hairs. This results in scarring pinprick, something completely different from the punch graft holes. Scalp laxity can be an issue with this procedure that determines the possibility of the injuries to reduce and disappear overtime. With the advent of Robotic FUE, along with NeoGraft Techniques, this process doesn’t only yield donor hair from the rear of the scalp, it may also harvest body hair. The possibility of 1haired grafts, FUE can be done for brow hair and facial hair restoration somewhat.



Do Pony tails cause hair loss?


The trend of ponytails causing loss of hair is now common. Lots of women really wear ponytails without recognizing that it could in reality be growing their loss. Keeping ponytails tight is a certain way to make you’re your own hair thins quicker. Any hair that pulls on the scalp for long time periods can indeed cause loss. The loss of hair can sometimes be reversed if the hairdo is changed in due time. Prolonged wear can nonetheless result in long-term loss. Styles which might cause long-term loss contain tight ponytails and braids, cornrows, buns, chignons, and occasionally twists. As such you must be extremely careful of hair extensions which can be glued or sewn into the hair.

Hair pins that fasten hats for hours also needs to be avoided. Women that wear ponytails are generally astonished that their hair stops growing unexpectedly while in fact it is just repeatedly broken at the same distance from the scalp due to the tight rubber band. Signs to look out for may contain an itchy red scalp, tension headaches, arbitrary bald patches, and own hair breakage around the scalp. If any of those symptoms are displayed, then you should cease using the ponytail hair style instantly. As a remedy, try using Minoxidil for about 6 months and after that if possible see a physician for a possible hair transplantation.

You also ought to remove ponytails before sleeping as they are likely to raise strain on the scalp and thus increase the loss of hair. Whether you’ve a heavy ponytail, then it’s sensible to wear the own hair in a pony with the foundation near the nape of the neck. A heavy ponytail couldn’t only cause loss of hair, but additionally cause neck and back pains. To reduce the likelihood of your ponytail causing loss of hair, you must fasten it with own hair friendly elastics or clips. Hair friendly elastics have special coatings that prevent pulling and ripping of own hair.

You may also use bungee cords or blax bands which are designed especially to for the development of ponytails. The bungee cord hooks and unhooks and may be wrapped a few times around the base of the ponytail. This may allow for the easier removal of the ponytail and reduce any chances of loss of hair that may result from bad removal of the ponytail. The blax bands keep tight and elegant and are comparatively cheap, they may also be quickly snipped with a pair of scissors and this minimizes chances of loss of hair during removal.